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Jestem Polakiem . adopted at birth .. DNA done at age 60 .. I am 100 % POLISH ! .. married a Kacalski 43 yrs ago! .. Dzien Dobra
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Something about me

About me
I was adopted at birth in 1957 … at age 60 I had my DNA done and found out that I am 100% POLISH !!!! … I was so excited !! … I know nothing else about my birth parents and do not want to know … I had 2 lovely parents .. Kenneth who was SWEDISH and Regina who was also 100% POLISH !! .. they have both passed and they will always be my mom and dad … to top that off, I married a POLISH ( 51% POLISH ) man when we were 18 and have been happily married now since 1975 !! … My husband is bummed out that I am SO much more POLISH than he is … lol … I am so proud of my mother land !!!
Watching football & hockey !! Go Buffalo Bills & Go Buffalo Sabres !! Gardening, camping, and my children Tara age 40 and Alan age 36 as well as my 2 grandchildren … Ava ( an incredible dancer ! ) is 12 and Anthony ( smart as a whip ) is 9 …
Favorite movies
I love a good comedy and I love the oldies with the likes of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Susan Hayward, and such …
Favorite music
Definitely " Rock-n-Roll " !! … My son Alan flew us from Buffalo NY to Memphis when both myself and my husband turned 60 … I saw " ELVIS " live in 1975 in Niagara Falls NY when I was 18 and went crazy !!! … Seeing " GRACELAND " and ELvis's home in TUPELO, Mississippi was amazing !! … Yet, I do keep up on the newer music as not to be stuck back in the 50's and 60's .. plus I keep up with my grandchildren's music ..
Favorite books
I do not read books … never did … I would rather do crossword puzzle books … I also love to do jigsaw puzzles …
Things I like
I love dogs … I have been Blessed with 1 basset hound ( our 1st family dog ) and 5 pugs who have all crossed the bridge to Heaven … I now have a miniature pinscher named NADIA ( Nadia Comaneci ) the perfect " 10 " because she is all my beloved dogs rolled in one !!! …. UPDATE : Added another K-9 to our house for " Nadia " … Oliver just turned 1 and is a " Chiweenie !! at least that is what we were told … With his bark I think he is half beagle and half dachshund …. Oliver has made our family complete !! … Still missing my pugs though ….
Things I don't like
Rude people … I like to be nice to everyone !!

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