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Coca Cola, the NCAA and MLB

I find it sort of appalling that the above-named organizations have jumped into the political fray over Georgia's voting laws -- particularly when those laws don't stop any American citizen from voting.

They aren't the first -- and apparently won't be the last -- organizations to decide to dictate political discourse from the safety of their boardrooms.

My suggestion is that we all do the most efficient thing we can to convey our pleasure or displeasure with our woke corporations: vote with your feet. The impact of France's stance after 9/11 was a tremendous downturn in champagne sales to the US. The NFL's ratings are down dramatically for their stance on the flag. Ditto with awards shows, where Hollywood congratulates itself yearly but now has added its political commentary to its content.

If you don't like this sort of boot on the discourse, drink Pepsi. If you do, have a Coke. If you'd prefer not to be lectured on your political beliefs, don't watch movies. If you do, watch all you want.

All I'm suggesting is responding in kind. Otherwise, let the twitterverse will dictate the course of the country. You decide.