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The US, Ukraine & the 4th of July

I was saddened to see no one commemorate the 4th of July in these notes. The parallels with Ukraine are noteworthy -- perhaps Zalensky (spelling uncertain) is Ukraine's Washington, or Jefferson, or Franklin.
What strikes me the most this year is the incredible courage of those who against overwhelming odds fight on day after day for the freedom of a people. We've seen it succeed in this country, and watched in helpless grief at it fail in Syria. I hope Ukraine will be the US, at least as the US was intended.
It takes something special in enough certain people to see a republic flourish, or even to achieve one. Those who begin the journey know with some degree of certainty that they will surely die in the process, and that if their enemies reach them, they will be murdered in their beds, their homes and families destroyed, perhaps achieving nothing. "Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor...."
As we remember those who gave all for all of us, let's send our goodwill, our weapons and our greenbacks to help others along the way. Perhaps that is the most fitting remembrance of all.