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About me:
My name is Denise and I live in Northwest Ohio. I love listening to music and shooting pool. I am a mother of two children and a grandmother of one. I also have a dog named Casper. Casper is part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell Terrier.
I think I would have to say honestly I like Music just a little bit more than Movies. I like to listen to music on Spotify while I am making lists. At the moment I am making some of my lists into playlists. I also like making beats in Soundation and uploading them to YouTube, Fandalism and Tallenge
Favorite movies:
The Wizard of Oz, Underworld Trilogy, All of the Planet of the Ape movies
Favorite music:
Classic Rock, Jazz, Country
Favorite books:
I don't like to read
Things I like:
Mountain Dew Code Red, White Castles, McDonald's Breakfasts
Things I don't like:
inconsiderate people, snow, dog poop

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