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     Have you ever noticed how when you must change something in your life often it will effect other peoples lives.   Lets take for instance the case of my middle niece.   A few years back she was forced to take a different job due to a company downsize.   It was with the same company but in a different city and state.   As a result she and her husband did the best they could.   During the week she would stay near work and on the weekends she would come home.   Their kids would stay with their dad at home, and their grandma would help out when needed.   It was not easy on the kids especially the older daughter who is in her early teens now.  She tried to be strong, but at my brothers funeral 2 years ago I saw just how much she missed her mom.   She was rarely more then 2 steps from her mom.   My niece's choice to take the job out of town was hard on everyone, but they got through it as best as they could.  
     Last Christmas time we got some great news.   My niece got a new job with more pay closer to home, and was able to move back home with her husband and daughters.   It was the best Christmas we had had in 2 years.     Sometimes when someone leaves a place they had been at for a long time to go somewhere else it does not matter if it was choice or necessary that decision is never easy to make and never easy to deal with for anyone involved.   I am sure when she took the job out of town and it was at a lower position then  she had before it was not easy for my niece.   She is kinda bossy and would have hated  taking orders from people of a rank which she was over at one time, but you do what you think is best at the time.   Had she went to another company she would have lost many of the benefits she worked so hard to get.  Then to have to work her way back up from a lower position was not an easy thing to do mentally or physically.
     People make changes in their lives every day and some work out well, but some do not.  
     I have a friend who made a change some months back and was unhappy with the decision.   It was I that suggested she see if she could return to a place she was more happy, and she was able to make the change back well, but something had also changed in her.   It was like she had lost some of her sparkle and shine while she was away.   It is hard to explain, but sometimes when people do things they think about it for a long time after, and those thoughts sometimes bring about changes in their personality or their outlook on life.   Only time will tell if my friend and my niece will adjust well to being home after being away.
     Another kind of change I have noticed lately is the net dating relationships.    They start fast, burn hot, then fizzle out in time.   I have seen it happen so many times a couple will get together and e date for a time then suddenly things will start to go bad.   The breakup of these relationships cause much pain to all involved.   Change does effect others so we should think about what we do.