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    Have you ever set out to prove something about someone else and discovered that the very thing you thought they were may apply to yourself?   As I looked up the definition for a mental condition I heard of last year it occurred to me that the same thing may apply to me myself.   Funny thing is as I read the definition of the condition I realized it could apply to many people I know.
Some of you know I have some issues and have been seeing a therapist for years.   Last time I saw her I asked her what the word meant.   She said it meant someone that thinks the world revolves around them.   I have been know to act that way thing is the person I think has the same issue has been showing signs of that lately.   I say lately because until very recently if someone asked me about this person I would tell them how wonderful she was and how kind and caring.   Lately it is like her personality changed.   Stress will do weird things to ones personality I know that too well.   There are times my personality shifts many times in one day.  I just think it is really ironic when someone you think someone is a certain way only to discover (when you are honest with yourself) that you yourself are the same way you thought they were.
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  • jane_and.the_dragon1 year 67 days ago
    Anonymous nope you totally missed the point of what i said.
    I will wait a bit EgoPatrol but fact is she should know how i feel about her and should have gotten over it by now. Friends forgive. Anonymous stall maneuvers do not work with me cause I am getting really good at calling a cab if the buss is late if you catch my drift, and if you do not I will make it simpler there is a time to wait and there is a time to move on. Rigs I never said I was right and intact I apologized , but sometimes people do not accept apologies and there is nothing you can do about it but part. THAT WOULD NOT BE MY FIRST CHOICE, but if someone leaves you no other choice you do what you must.
  • EgoPatrol1 year 66 days ago
    oh, Jane... ty for your love, dear... but you know.... I might be crazy, so dont mind me ))
  • Anonymоus1 year 66 days ago
    I refuse to admit "I totally missed the point of what you said"

    However maybe it's just me ..
  • ~Rigs~1 year 66 days ago
    Jane??? i wasn't speaking about you at ALL, sweetie, or what you had to say above in your blog BUT only speaking OF IRONY in General, about NO ONE AT ALL, in particular..
  • jane_and.the_dragon1 year 65 days ago
    lol most of my friends have crazy streaks ego hun lol and anonymous even if you never acknowledge that you missed the point or not it does not negate the fact that I as the writer of the blog know you did. and it is ok rigs hun all good *hugs