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     I am all for protecting animals from abuse.   Thing is a friend of mine sent was telling me this story and I just had to share it, because I think this is the ultimate proof of the court system gone stupid.  Have a read and then I will share some of my thoughts on it.   I will even pretend I think it is a serious news article.   Here is the link to the story.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-monkey-selfie-lawsuit-20170713-story.html  
     Now lets pretend for a moment I actually think the monkey could actually own a copy write.   Here are the problems with this case.   First the organization that is tying up the courts and casting all this money over this ludicrous idea  are NOT the owners of the animal in question and by chain of events are not its legal guardian either.   Having no legal guardianship over this animal should automatically throw any case filed by them out of the court on the grounds they had no legal right to file the case in the first place because they are not the monkeys care  takers or owners or guardians.   BUT LET'S PRETEND FOR ONE SECOND THAT ANY INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING BELIEVES THEIR CASE.   That the animal was the owner of the copy wright  to the picture.   Sense the camera did  not belong to the monkey in the first place, and he took it without the permission of the rightful owner, should the monkey in question not be made to pay damages to the owner of the camera for damage to the camera  because he used space on it he had no permission to use.   And by proxy should not this organization (which is so gun ho to sew the rightful owner of the camera on the monkeys behalf) also be held accountable for the monkey breaking the law in steeling the camera and damaging the card by putting a picture the owner did not take on it.  
     Hey PETA look at this realistically  YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!!   If you want to give a monkey the right to own the copy write to a picture he took with a camera  it sold then you must also hold the animal accountable for the crime of steeling the camera in the first place.  Also if you feel you have the right to sew on the behalf of the thieving a monkey then you should most assuredly be held accountable for the damages that theft cost to the owner of the camera.   I am not just talking to the camera and the memory card itself by the monkey putting a picture on it the owner did not take, but also the the camera owners finances because of these nuisance law suits you have filed on a case you know full well is frivolous and unsupported.
     So you tell me are we living on the planet of the apes when a monkey can steel a humans property, use it, then sew the victim of the theft for copywriter infringement?    I REALLY THINK THE MONEY THEY USED ON THIS CREDULOUS CASE WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER SPENT HELPING ANIMALS THAT WERE IN REAL DANGER FROM ACTUAL ABUSE.
     Should they win this case it could set up some really bad problems for the security industry.    Has it ever occurred to anyone that if this case is won by the plaintive  it would set a president where every criminal caught on film by a motion censer camera would there by become the owner of that picture and as the owner could bar the picture from being used in the trial for the robbery they commit?
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