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     In the past I have shared my thoughts on loyalty, duty and honor.   I now want to add something to that respect.   A while back I was made aware that someone I thought was a friend was talking dirt behind my back.   Then today I discovered I had been blocked form contact with no explanation why.   Here is the irony of this story I have always had this person's back.  And how am I repaid for my loyalty to someone I thought was a friend, by backstabbing and blocking.   Just goes to show you, you really can not trust many people on the net, because they have no honor in their actions or respect for people they can not see in person.    
     I do not know maybe I am the odd one, but if I block someone I always tell them why before I do.   I have enough respect for people even if they are on line to let them know why I do not want to talk to them anymore.   Sometimes people on line remind me of the little child that gets mad and then refuses to talk to the person they are mad at.   Here is another piece of irony the person I am talking about likes to be respected by others and are not polite enough to offer others the same respect they themselves want.    The golden rule says do onto others as you would have them do onto you.  So many today want people to treat them better then they them self will treat another.  
     I have said a hundred times someone can not repair something they did to hurt you if they do not know what it was or even that they hurt you in the first place.   So you tell me what good can come of getting mad at someone and not telling them why?