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     This cool treat I have found this year is one of the best things I have ever had.   You can find it at Walmart.   I really cannot tell you the flavor of it. It says natural flavor, but I know once you try it you will want more. You will want to read the ingredient, because there is a couple things in it some may be allergic to, but I am not.  It is a very natural product, and it contains 70% and 8% calcium, and 4 % potassium of the daily value of vitamin d on a 2000 calories diet. It dies gave 27 g pure cane sugar which is a little high, but it is ice cream so you should expect that. I discovered something interesting about this product.    Before I bought the first bag I had been having trouble with my stomach.    After I ate the first one my stomach began settling down.    The product makes not statement that it will help anything this is something I discovered for myself.    I think it may be the cinnamon in it that helped my stomach.    I know it has been known to work against bad bacteria in the stomach.    The down side of this product is there are only 6 in a package, and if you like them as much as me 1 bag will not last you a week lol.  You will need to look closely to find them in the ice cream cooler as they blind into the things around them.    I had to walk the coolers 2 times the other day to find them, but it was worth the effort.    I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.    Just remember if you have an an allergy to nuts soy or cinnamon you may not want to try them as there is a possibility for all 3 to be in it. Be sure to read the ingredients and if you can enjoy them.