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      I just realized something tonight because of something someone posted to one of my blogs.  I took a peak at the blog page because of something someone said.  Contrary to what some think I do not usually look at who wrote what on the home page, and I could care less if people do not like what I write.  I do it for me not them.  It is amazing to me that a few trolls have made it a part time job to try to run me down . LOL  HERE IS THE IRONIC PART:   They say I want attention if that were true then they must really love me , because every time they post about how much they ( do not like my blogs that they make a point of reading ) they themselves in fact draw my name back on to the page. rotflmao.   Now tell me if you realllllly thought someone wanted attention and you realllllllllllly did not like them why would you yourself provide attention for them by constantly drawing attention to things they write? lol     Oh and btw as I have said in the past I will write what I want to, and anyone who really do not like it may feel free not to read it, and all those that do like it thank you and please keep reading.
     I bet some people wonder why I do not delete all the negative comments people put on my blogs.  That is simple I figure those that are just trying to stir up drama will show themselves for who they really are, and I do not have to do anything to push that along.n0.gif?v=122  Karma is the great equalizer.