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     In point of fact there have been 5 presidents elected to office who DID NOT win the popular vote, but got enough electoral enough to win by use of the Electoral College: John Quincy Adams 1824, Rutherford Hayes 1876, Benjamin Harris 1888, George W. Bush 2000, and Donald Trump 2016 himself all were put into office by the electoral college despite everyone of them winning the popular vote.

     You may say 5 people being made president EVEN THOUGH MOST OF THE PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY DID NOT WANT THAT PERSON, is not a bad average, but do you not think EVEN ONE wrong person put in office , one that most of the people did not want in, is one too many.  That is why I think the EITHER the Electoral College should be done away with OR all the states should have the same amount of electoral votes.  I know you are going to say some states have more people than others.  I would like to point out in the senate each state only gets 2 representatives and it works well.  As it stands now the presidential caniates put most of their focuses on getting the states with the most electoral votes to vote for them.   The fact John Quincy Adams became president in 1824 even though he lost the popular vote shows the system was flawed for 196 years and it should have been fixed or done away with then.

     There are 2 states that may have a better solution to this problem then either I have offered. Maine and Nebraska have a different take on the elections for president.   Maine and Nebraska are the only states in the nation that split their Electoral College votes. Maine awards two of its four electoral votes to the statewide winner, but also allocates an electoral vote to the popular vote winner in each of its two congressional districts. Nebraska gives two of its five electoral votes to the statewide winner, with the remaining three going to the popular vote winner in each of its three congressional districts.< something like that nation-wide may fix the problem too