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Dear Mr President


Dear Mr President,

     Do you not think it may be time for you to stop all these temper tantrums and inciting violence to try to keep you in charge of a country who no longer wants you to run it.  My brother and sister were BOTH supporters of you all along.  I did not dare say anything against you or your policies to my brother, but the way you have been presenting your self since the election is not that of  a strong businessman  You are acting more as one would expect a small child to act if someone took away their favorite toy.   All the yelling, texting, posting, and inciting others to do your dirty work for you does  not show a strong figure to whom I would want to put my loyalties behind.
     All you had to do was be professional as so many of your predecessors have done in the past, finish out your term and hand the keys to the white house to the next man in line.  In instead of presenting yourself as a good strong man who always had the best interest of this country in his heart,  you are stirring up those who think you were a good man and causing riots in an attempt to strong arm yourself into another term.  Sir that is not how this country works.  We would not still be here as a strong united country if those that came before you had all acted like you are.
     I understand with all your wealth you are used to getting what you want, the bad thing for you is this country was not built by the rich and powerful people.  It was built by the common man who put his heart and sole into keeping it strong.  It is "A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE".   No here in there does it say that it is a government that follows just one mans opinions to the end.   Why do you think presidents are only allowed 2 terms and not more?? It is because this country did not want a monarchy.   The way you have been acting recently it appears you are an all powerful king not a president.  The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will not stand for this behavior.
     On a sidebar note you have children that some news people suggested may want to run for office in the future.   Can you not see your actions at this time may hurt their chances of winning later?   It is said the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Do you not think that maybe people would flash back to your self centered, spoiled child behavior, and wonder if your children got into office, if they would react the same when it was their time to go?  
     You should think of all the things I have said in this blog before making another move designed to disrupt the democratic process.