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Have you ever had one of those days that startd at the bottom, and then digs a hole? That was the kind of day I had yesterday and the reason I am siting here all alone at nearly 4 am writing a blog. I can not sleep. The day started out kind of ok. I was up early and ready to help a friend with her computer. We called microsoft for help and found out it is all on line now and totally pointless. What ever happened to the days of real people on the other end of the phone?
While I was working on the computer, a friend pmed me and apparently got mad ,because I did not drop what i was doing right that very minute to talk to them.
It stormed here nearly all day, so after working on the computer I tried to take a nap, but was interupted by one of those automated phone things wanting to talk to me about my car insurance. Thing is I HAVE NEVER OWNED A CAR IN MY LIFE. I used to have an unlisted phone number, but I decided if I was going to get these spam calls anyhow what was the point of it being unlisted and dropped that.
I was later looking on ancestry and i got a leaf that lead me to something posted by a distant cousin. It was a pic of my great grandpa and his family that I had edited with all the people in it's names, and I put a frame on it. I did not mind the fact he used it. If I did not want it used I would not have given it to another cousin of mine to put on his site. What made me angry was this cousin I never met was claiming credit for the photo, that I worked so hard on to figure out who everyone was that was in it. The photo was taken around 1900, long before I was born.
So I finally got a little nap. Then when I got on line later a friend gave me a hard time about not calling to tell him the games were starting early, but in fairness he did apologize later. And to end a lousy day that was bad from start to finish I find out that the friend who I did not make time for in the morning went and vented to another friend about me not dropping what I was doing to listen to them.
Some people are so used to me helping when they need it, it becomes hard for them to understand I am only 1 person, and can not do everything for everything all the time at the same time. I told the friend what wanted to talk when I was working on the other friend's computer that I would get back with them in a bit. Unfortunately that did not happen, because when I tried I found this person had left a rather short and cold message to me and they were off line when I tried to get back with them.
This day was one that started at the bottom and dug a hole so it could get lower, and now instead of sleeping like a normal person would do at this time of night I am sitting here venting.