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Lee Savino

I do not usually do this. I have something to say about one of the most gifted aurhers I have ever seen. Lee Savino has written a series of books that I have become obsessed with as of late. The series is called The Berserker Saga. I am enjoying them on audio books. Each of these books are written from the view point of a different cheractor in this series, each carring on the main story line . This series is like a cross between viking fantacy meets twilight meets fifty shades.
The author has a real way with words. She paints a picture in your mind as if you were there watching it all. You get a good insight to the thoughts and hearts of the cheractor narating it. I enjoyed the first 5 books in the series i bought the rest of the series last night.
I should warn these books though well written and slightly adicting , IT IS DEFFINATLY NOT FOR KIDS, because it has some snm sexual events used as a way to show how the pack takes their mates. I love the style these books are written in, BUT I would not want anyone not an adult to read them, or anyone who can not seperate fantacy from reality. These books are fanticy they have warewolves, witches,shape shifters,deamons. I should also note these books are set in another time with different values then there is in todays world. The titles of these books have the word beserkers in them. Hope you like them as much as I do.