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Do you think when a guy puts a girl down trying to make her feel stupid he is really mean, or is it jus so he can in some way make himself feel smarter, or more powerful? Twice in the past 24 hrs I have had 2 diff guys say things to me to try to make me look stupid. Did they care that they made me cry? Nope not as long as they could put me down.

I do not know maybe it is because their self esteem is so low they need to do it to try to convince themselves that someone else is not as smart at them. Sometimes it is hard not to tell people off when they act like that, but sometimes you got to take the high road when it will not get through to them anyhow, and say nothing to them about it.

I do not know maybe it is just the heat that is causing my emotions to be so raw that the slightest little slur tares me apart and causes tears. It is kinda hard to keep your cool when everything around you is so hot and humid.

If you see yourself in any of this ask yourself WHY you see yourself in it.


     I am wondering if being stressed attracts more stress to you ?  I have been under a lot of stress in my personal life lately, and just last night a friend of mine thought it may be a good idea to stress me out more.   So the question is if you are stressed does that bring more stress to you ?


   I am in a really good pool league.   Want to know how I can tell n0.gif?v=122?  When I was laid up in the hospital they made sure to run the tourneys I had on the calendar.    They did not have to do that.  They could have moved them or just left them where they were till I got home.   While I was in the hospital 2 of my friends from the league called me on the phone long distance to see how I was feeling.  It makes you feel better when you are sick to know people care about you and have not forgotten you.   Hopefully the doctor got my meds right this time and I will not have to go back to the hospital for a looooooooooong time.  
     I was roaming around the case store today and I saw some fishing gloves in it.   I ordered them for a friend of mine for his birthday. It is not till September.   I like to shop early.   It takes a lot of ladder bux to get some of the stuff in the store but this was reasonable.    I love when I get enough bux from tourney wins that I can buy things in the case storen0.gif?v=122.
     Another thing I love about this league is the honesty you just do not find many people on line as honest as the ones in this league. 
     At the risk of sounding like a commercial lol if you like pool and want to join us swing by the room and ask one of the admins for an invitation.   We are a private league so no one gets in without an invite.


   I went to see my sister yesterday.   She is feeling some better I could tell because she asked her nutritionist who looked older her or me lol.   I got more grey hairs, but she has more wrinkles lol.  I was amazed to see how much she looked like our mom. When I saw her a few weeks ago at our nieces graduation party she still looked like herself.   I do not know why her looks changed so fast.   She was telling when her son came to see her the other day he did not recolonize her.   We are not sure how long she will be in the recovery place, but at least she is doing some better.   Thank all of you who prayed for her recovery.


  My sister Dorothy was admitted to the hospital the other day with her kidneys not working right.   If you could all say a little prayer for her I would appreciate it.