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Wish I could reboot

Today has been a day I wish I could reboot and run in a better manner like one would a computer. The whole day was a mess from start to finish. Lets start with 7:30 am I fell asleep on my couch last night, so that is where I was sleeping when a neighbor from across the street comes over with her cigarette in her hand yelling my name through my open window that I had my fan in, instead of knocking on the door like a normal person. I said hold on I am coming and staggered my half asleep body to the door to see what she needed. She said she did not know I was asleep cause my fan was in the window. I said I always leave it in the window when it is hot. She said with the window open I looked at her surprised ( thinking really would not do much good with the fan if it were closed lol , here's your sign) I thought that I did not say that my mom taught me better manners then to say that lol.
Reason she came is she was upset with another neighbor who ALLEGEDLY threw bread into her yard. I say ALLEGEDLY because when I asked her what time it happened and she told me, I knew it was not possible. First because he is not that kind of guy, and second because at the time she stated he was inside his house chatting with his wife his daughter and me. I told her no way he was inside the house I know cause I was there at that time. I was hoping she would say 6 because we never got home till 7 we had all went shopping, but she said round 8. I told her I do not know what you thought you saw but it was not HIM throwing bread in your yard. She thinks he is predigest which is funny to me, because he has 3 black half brothers-in-law and a part black niece all of which he loves lol. It will never cease to amaze me how many people will try to play that card anytime someone white says of does anything they do not like lol.
I tried to unwind after she left, because I had a doctors appointment later, but the rain moving in did not help that. I am not afraid of the rain but I have issues with the clouds and high winds. My niece was running late to pick me up for my appointment. Which I guess was ok even though I got anxious about being late. Turns out the doc was running late too. Sat in the outer waiting room for like 15 min then sat in the inner waiting room for another 20 till he called me into his office. He had a huge questionnaire about 4 pages long. Took like 2 hrs from the time they took me into the inner waiting room till I got out of the doc office. My niece had an appointment to be at in a half hr from the time I got out of my appointment. She went to pick up some meds for me after her appointment and the drug store told her they did not have them EVEN THOUGH I had talked to them yesterday and they said they were ready. I called the drug store and the meds were there. I was not happy my niece had to get home to make supper so she could not go back today so she is going to get them tomorrow.
About an hr later my neighbor came over in tears. Her Jack Russell terrier is dying. She has had the dog 13 years, and the whole family is in tears. I went over to sit with them a little while, but I really did not know what to say . We have know for about a year the dog was declining in health, and we would have to face losing her, but no one thought it would be this soon. Just a couple days ago I was over at her house and the dog was up and walking around and eating fine. Then today she started shutting down fast. The first bad sign was when the kids came home from school and she did not bark at them. They really did not need this tragedy in the middle of the personal drama they were having this week. I am hoping my friend will shift her attentions away from her dogs death after she is gone, and onto her baby birds. She has 2 brand new baby birds that just hatched this week. Over the summer her birds hatched and raised 8 babies. I told her she had an aviary. She gave part of them to her sister, and now the birds are making more babies lol. If we can keep her focused on them maybe her dog's passing will not be as hard on her as it could be.
Today is one day I wish I could reboot and come out with a better working day. Would it not be awesome to have that ability. Only problem with that is if you rebooted your day it theoretically would reboot EVERYONE else's and some people may not like that if they were having the best day of their lives lol.
Thank you all for listening to the ramblings of my over stressed brain.