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     I am home, and I feel worse then I did when I went to the hospital this morning at 4:30 am. After many attempts at trying to get an iv in before they actually got one in, And after all the prep for the procedural, they did not do the ablation.   Apparently when they did the test where they look down your throat to check the heart for blood clots, they found one and aborted the ablation.   They did in fact implant the loop monitor which I never really wanted in the first place. Only reason I agreed to it was it was supposed to give them more insight as to if the ablation worked.  News Flash It never happened so NO it did not work, and I could have old them that without the sore throat from the tube down my throat and the sore chest from the implanted loop.   They changed 2 of my meds, and I am to follow up in the office in 2 weeks with the doctor that was to do the ablation.
     I went there all hopeful for to get my life back and now I am really depressed.  People say think positive, so I did, and I was disappointed.  All the prayers and good wishes people said they were sending my way did nothing to make it all work out alright .   Id I had went into this thinking the worst would happen at least now I could be happy I did not die on the table instead of crying all day because it did not work.   If they decide to schedule another attempt at the actual ablation in the future, it will be harder to think positive again. I do not want to set myself up for another disappointment.  I wonder if I were to lock myself inside my house do I did not have to see happier, healthier people if it would help me get over the depression I am feeling right now.