Rejestracja: 2004-12-21
Dont do that
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My friends

I was made to realize while you are my friends you mave have different viewpoints then I have but yet will remain my friends regardless.I DO THANK you for that.To karen and tricia I apologize for a recent blog.Im glad my friends arent (yes men) lol.To those who I call friend smoochesssssssssssssssssssss

Giftofthesuns city sued by irate friend

Im suing all beer stores the city and the person that sold gifty a bottle of wine.You have corrupted my friend and led her down lifes wrong path.Shame on all of you.

Giftofthesuns birthday tourney

We are throwing gifty a birthday tourney today at 10pm in our 5 card draw lobby.Happy birthday my friend hope you have a wonderfull dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Now for a few rules there will be NO beer no tigers or elephants (they scare a cat) no popcorn no hitting gifty no cake (I ate it)BUT we will have lots of chips to give away.Come help gifty have fun on her 3000th birthday 


Sunshines answer to mankinds question  IS there a god (YES for someone as good as Gifty dosent happen by accident) 


Im praying for you my friend.I thought this song says all I am feeling right now.Be well hurry home I love you my friend and miss you smoochesssssssss.