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for those of you that like horse racing, a very clever method of selecting high percentage winners that is a hidden factor

the beauty of this method is that it is invisible by looking at the racing programs past starts. for this method you need to see the chart results of the last race a horse was in. here is why, you can, for example see in the programs past performances that a horse finished second by half a length in its las race, and find another horse that also finished second by half a length, yet one of them is a vastly better bet than the other, regardless of time. let me explain first that horses that have won in their last race are more likely to win again than horses that did not win in their last race. similarily, horses that finished second have a better chance of winning than horses that did not do as good as second place. but not all wins or second places are the same. a horse that just manages to win by half a length will not do as well, in its next race, as a horse that wins by 6 lengths, or 2 lengths,  etc. basically, horse that blow away the field by large margins tend to do much better in their next race than horses that win by close margins. sometimes, huge margins are concealed by the way the race programs past performances are presented. what if the program shows a horse won by half a length, but when you look at the chart of the race, you see that the winner and the second place horse were BOTH AHEAD of the rest of the horses by more than 6 lengths?? all the program will show you is that the horse won by half a length and you won't know that the winner and the second place horse obliterated the field. THIS is what you look for in the charts, but you focus only on second place finishers that were ahead of the rest of the field by 6 lengths or more. what the average race goer will see is a horse that finished second by half a length, what you WILL SEE AND KNOW is that this horse almost won the race by more than 6 lengths. we focus on betting second place finishers in this manner solely because horses that won their last race tend to get over bet and usually you will not get big odds on these horses. but second placers get less betting action and have much more generous odds. what are the odds a horse that finished second, WITHIN A LENGTH OF THE LEADER ( A CLOSE RACE ) and was 6 lengths or more ahead of the rest of the horses?? 40 percent.  this is a staggering win rate, most favorites average 33 percent. and the beauty of this is that this information is hidden and not apparent on the daily racing form.  for a 40 percent win rate you should be getting odds just above even money.....about 6-5, 7-5 odds......but these hidden second place finishers, which essentially are 6 length or more winners will go off at much bigger odds than those in their next race. you'll get 3-1, 4-1 even bigger odds than 10-1 on these horses the nest time they race and they will win 40 percent of the time. you're welcome. this will work both for harness racing and thoroughbred racing. ( the only draw back is you don't  get many plays but do you want to bet a lot of races or make money? the few successful racevtrack players do not bet every race but wait for these solid plays and bet big when they see them. )