Relationship status: in a relationship
I want to play with: women
Looking for: friendship
Zodiac sign: libra
Birthday: 09-30
joined: 2014-07-28
There are so many scams on the internet now days. Send me $19.95 today and I can tell you how to avoid them.
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Santa cards
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Silver "Legend" Anniversary
Christmas Gift1 year 149 days ago
Christmas Gift
From: Grit_★_Grace
Merry Christmas Denver!!
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Silver "Expert" Anniversary
Happy New Year 2019!2 years 141 days ago
Happy New Year 2019!
100 Years Of Freedom2 years 190 days ago
100 Years Of Freedom
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Frankie Pumpkin
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Friendly Ghost
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Dry Eye Cocktail
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Scary Pumpkin
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Silver "Pro" Anniversary
Merry Christmas!4 years 144 days ago
Merry Christmas!
From: gullan1
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Bronze "Legend" Anniversary
From: GameDesire
From GameDesire with love.
Tulips4 years 288 days ago
From: so_sonhar33
Boa noite amigo. Boa diversão muita sorte. beijinhos cris.
Easter Bunny5 years 55 days ago
Easter Bunny