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I saw a story on yahoo today that makes me wonder if things are finally changing. It was well written and really the way I like to see news reported, although I can not help but wonder are things finally changing for the better, of was this handled this way solely because of the people it was about? It was about a murder suicide where it reported that EX-NFL player Phillip Adams killed 5, then himself. Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70, and his wife, Barbara Lesslie, 69, and two grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5, were pronounced dead.
This is a honorably. It is possible that Adams may have had a reason behind killing the doctor and or his wife. I just found it really interesting Adams is African American, and the doctor and his family were not. So I just wonder if the colors had been reversed, and the killer was white and the family killed were not if the headline would have been something like EX-NFL player kills black doctor and his family?
I reallllllllllllllllllllllly hope the way this articular was actually written is a sign of things in journalism changing for the better and not just another example of the media sugar coating things put of fear of being accused of being predigest. Lets hope it is the media starting to wake up to the fact that the only time someone's color really matters in a news articular is IF there is a man hunt going on. At that time and only that time color would play a factor, because if you say you are looking for a specific race or color in connection with a crime, you can eliminate everyone who does not have the same race or color. Other then that color should not matter, so even thought it told of a tragic event it was done well and for once fairly. I hope it was not just a one time thing.


I want to bounce something off you all and I am sure some will not agree, but i know what I am about to post is true? I was slicking a bit of ham today and the knife slipped and made a nice size silt in the end of my pointer finger. I am on a blood thinner so it bleed a bit.
I am sure many will disagree with what I did about it. Most people would have been running for soap and water to wash it, but I know something most people either do not know or ignore in favor of modern ideas on medicine. The human body is a wonderful thing with a great ability to heal itself. If I have a cut and it is bleeding well, I never wash it with soap and water at the time of the cut. I just take a clean cloth of paper towel and wipe the blood and any dirt of it. I rub it in the direction of the cut never into the opening. Once the two sides are pressed firmly back into place I hold it there till the bleeding stops. I then wrap it in gauze and tape it securely in place. I try not to bump it or cause it to start bleeding again for a couple hours. Most times the ends of the 2 sides of the cut will grow back together, and in a couple days you will not even notice it was ever cut. However if you use soap and water on an open cut the ends of the cut will curl up and shrink to the point it will not be possible for it simply to reattach itself, and you may need stitches to close it.
Most doctors either do not know or will not tell you because it would cut into their sages, that when the blood flows free , the blood itself will wash any dirt from the cut, and because the blood is part our your body your body does not recoil from it like it does water. NOW if the cut is minor and it has not bleed well you should definitely wash it as there may not be enough blood to clean it properly, and may need some help, but if it bleeds well there is no need to use water on it.
This is not the first time I have used this remedy before and even with a bad cut you can fix it yourself without stitches if it bleeds well.


I am a big fan of the movie/ audio/and book: "A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN ". It is a really good book and this audio link is really good > https://bookaudiobook.com/a-tree-grows-in-brooklyn-audiobook/ . I have been listening to the chapters for three days and am still not through it yet. The reader is really good at what she does. I find myself thinking in the pattern of the reader. 😁 It is odd is it not how hearing someone else's words long enough can make your own thought thoughts manifest in your own head in the voice and patter of another.
I love audio books because I may suck the words of the book into my mind and still do something else at the same time. With my audio books playing in the background I can paint, or look for photos on the net, or fold and put away clothes I have watched earlier, or clean the house. It is a joy to be able to enjoy good literature while you are able to get other things done too. I can only hope to someday be as good a writer as Betty Smith the writer of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I hope you all check out the link and enjoy it as much as I am.


We should Respect others just like we would wish for them to respect us in return. Loyalty is always a good thing to have. To know someone will be there for you when you need them will give you a wonderful sense of security. Understanding is something that could save the world if more people possessed it. Kindness is something many people especially on the net have forgotten how to use. Tolerance, if more people were tolerant of the little things others around us do that bug us there would be less fighting. Everyone should be more helpful of others. Helpfulness to someone in need is a great virtue that some have lost. Calmness is something we all need to practice. A calm mind is a clearer mind, which makes up better able to take on the worlds proles. We should all show compassion to those worse off then ourselves Lend a hand when you can. Honor , It is my opinion if you have no honor you have nothing of value. Responsibility is something we all get as we go through lift. So many of this younger generation like to pass on the duties of caring for their children to the children's grandparents. I blame the grandparents for this. They should make their children grow up and take care or their own children. If we all used these words more often there would be less fighting in the world.


I used to have a friend who told someone once that I live in the internet. At the time I was mad he said that I could not see the truth. Back then I was on line nearly all day every day. As years go by I have cut my net time down a lot, but I still spend from 3 to 6 hrs a day on line. With this covid thing and me living alone, there is not much else to do.
I recently noticed something. There are people tangled tighter in the net the am I. Over the years I have found that ignore button is one of the nets best features. 😀 Someone offends you just click ignore on them and they are gone from your net life. Would be great if you could do that in real life. What really amazes me is how many people would rather get mad or hurt feelings instead of simply clicking ignore on someone bothering them. They would rather either argue with the offending person, or complain to their friends about this terrible person that they really do not even want to talk to a ( so they say). If they really do not want to talk all they have to do is use the ignore button, and poof they gone. They have no more stress or harassment. The ignore button took care of them in a flash. So I really do not know why some people refuse to use it.
Ironic is it not some of us come to the net to get rid of some of the stress of daily living in a pandemic world, only to find more stress on the net then anywhere else.
So in conclusion if someone bothers you, right click on their id and click ignore. Let the person iggied set there and talk to themself.