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با زدن 21 امتیاز، قهرمان بلک جک شوید!
1 بازیکنان آنلاین

روش بازی Blackjack - game rules

جک پات Blackjack

Try saying that ten times quickly! The jackpot is a special GameChips bonus you can win during gameplay. This Jackpot is funded from the tax that is taken from the blackjack tables.

The Jackpot is awarded for making a hand consisting of at least 8 cards with a value less than 21.

7٬312٬493 GameChips to win!

Depending on the table limit the jackpot will be paid out according to these rules:

Min. bet 100 40% of total jackpot
Min. bet 1000 80% of total jackpot