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Open Face Chinese Poker

5 (آرا: 44)
A game for 2-4 players. Set your cards carefully and prepare the best possible "rows". You receive 13 cards (5 at once and another 8 one at a time). Create three hands in 3-5-5 order from the weakest to the strongest.

2 fresh games in 1

Try both modes - a challenging Pineapple game or casual Classic.

Extremely addictive gameplay

Check why the world got crazy about the Open Face Chinese Poker! A perfect game for all card games fans - both beginners and experts alike.

Play like never before!

Cards dealt face up, no bluffing, pure strategy and skill. Balance the power of your rows. Beware of fouling and unmercifully exploit your enemies' mistakes.

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Easy-to-learn rules, quick and dynamic gameplay with comfortable interface - this game is pure fun. Just sit and play!