Open Face Chinese Poker

7 بازیکنان آنلاین
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7 بازیکنان آنلاین

Open Face Chinese Poker

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A game for 2-4 players. Set your cards carefully and prepare the best possible "rows". You receive 13 cards (5 at once and another 8 one at a time). Create three hands in a 3-5-5 order from the weakest to the strongest.

2 fresh games in 1

Try both modes - a challenging Pineapple game or casual Classic.

Extremely addictive gameplay

There’s a reason people love this game so much. Once you try it, you’ll know why…

Play like never before!

Cards are dealt face up, no bluffing -- pure strategy and skill. Balance the power of your rows. Beware of fouling and unmercifully exploit your enemies' mistakes.

Join growing community of players

Easy-to-learn rules, quick and dynamic gameplay with a comfortable interface - this game is pure addicting fun. Give it a try!