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Poker Texas Hold'em

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Something about me

About me:
I truly care about my friends, I am very loyal to my friends, I don't like losing friends especially over misunderstandings caused by language translation problems. I still miss those friends that felt hurt by me when I truly intended no harm. I wish they could try to talk it out and let me explain things because I care about them still very much even if they wont talk to me. If they see this and read it and I hope they do my door is still open to them always! I feel there is to much hate in this world we should try to love our neighbors more and fight less. Wars are stupidest thing to do to your fellow humans. I guess my message is try not to hate it's a great waste of time! I think if people would take the time to listen they could find out more wonderful things about there friends. I believe in Random Acts Of Kindness to go that Extra Mile to Help Someone Out in Need and put a smile back on someone's face when they had nothing to smile about! I always try my best to be cheerful and welcoming and of good humor! My motto Live Life To The Fullest try things that you either were afraid to do or did not want to try, Life is an Adventure make the Best of It always!!
Flying small planes, Travel seeing the world, Getting to know other Cultures, Playing the Drums I Love Music all kinds it varies a lot. Snow skiing. Fishing hiking the outdoors being in Nature. I love animals especially Dogs My favorite Breed The Labrador. Being with good friends having great times & memories to share.
Favorite movies:
Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter, The Spirit Of St Louis, Apollo 13, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Great Outdoors, When Harry Met Sally, Joe VS The Volcano, You've Got Mail, Romantic Comedy's and Adventure Movies , Science Fiction , Action Movies Pretty much anything that's good I will watch!
Favorite music:
Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Against The Current, It varies a lot plus I enjoy seeing new artists on shows like "The Voice" watching someone new that just knocks it out of the park with their Singing Talents!
Favorite books:
It can vary if it interests me I will read it!
Things I like:
Good Conversation with Friends and with People in General , Comedy Clubs being able to laugh my ass off at most anything! Going to Concerts , Camping in Remote Areas, There are other things I like but you have to get to know me to find out !
Things I don't like:
Mean & Nasty People, Jealousy, Back Stabbers, Most Politicians I Just Don't Trust! People that are willing to Give Up Their Freedom For So Called Government Provided Security Political Tyrants Love To Control People Example Adolf Hitler! Kim Jung Un of North Korea and People Like Them etc...