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Worth a few laughs! 2017-12-10
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Drone Flight over 17 mile Drive In Monterey California! 2017-12-06
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A Snowy California ! 2017-12-05

A very Snowy California!

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How to Fly your own Plane Anywhere Video! 2017-10-27
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Uranium One Might Be The Downfall Of The Clintons & Obama! 2017-10-25

Bill Clinton goes to Russia to speak at the Bank Tied to purchasing Uranium one. For $500k (More than Double he’s ever made for a speech). Uranium One is the Canadian Company that owns Uranium Mines Inside the USA. Obama’s Intel Community had Identified that This Bank among others Surrounding Uranium One was involved in Racketeering, Extortion, Huge Bribes and Kickbacks. In order to sell 20% of the United States Nuclear Bomb Fuel which can take out Europe, we need to make sure it goes to a “Safe Nuclear” Power. The Banks surrounding Putin’s Nuclear Energy Acquisition have been deemed evil by Obama’s Intel. There was a cold war after all. The State Department is the United States buffer to make sure none of this stuff goes to the wrong hands. This Approval comes from the Head of the State Department from a woman Named Hillary Clinton who is married to Bill above. When She Approves this Transaction, they get another 2 million Dollars from the Russians. Shortly after another 147 Million dollars goes to the Clinton foundation from the Putin backed Russian Bank Brokering the Uranium Sellout. The Clinton Foundation decides to buy Chelsey (who works on Hillary’s campaign) a 10.5-million-dollar Apartment using the Russian Money State Sponsored Bribe Money to the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons then Collude and pay  GPS who is also known for Extortion and Murder with Deep Kremlin Ties. They couldn’t afford this alone and needed protection so the DNC Themselves Team up with Hillary to pay with the Russian Blood money from Selling off our Countries Uranium! WOW I see the Clintons colluding with Russia to MAJORLY effect the Democracy of the United States. Lock Up Hillary along with Bill, Rice, Podesta (whose brother also worked with the Kremlin) and of course Obama, who also knew about this! Treason? Undeniably.
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Fifth Harmony & Boyce Ave! 2017-10-23
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Flying Lady Restaurant Part 2 2017-10-22
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Flying Lady Restaurant 2017-10-22
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Santa Cruz CA !! 2017-10-19
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California Firestorm!! 2017-10-17

This is a Video taken about 7 Days ago of the destruction the Fires in California have done and are still burning , it looks like someone dropped a Atomic Bomb! The last I checked we have 17 or 18 Fires currently burning here in California. Whole community's burned to the most total destruction I have ever seen , I never could have imagined this in such a populated area! Some of the Fires are slowly getting some control to them, we have Firefighters from around the Country that have come to California to help fight these Fires , We thank all of those that have risked their lives to come here and help! Thousands of homes have been lost & many lives lost & many people still missing & unaccounted for. Many people  have lost everything they own , the one thing they have left is their lives & the determination to rebuild their lives. We pray for the people who died & those family's that lost loved one's!!
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