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One Day

That day will come
Will not change a thing to you
That they know
Every thought
You've been thinking …

The words are over
And nothing happened,
True love
Is silence …

And you do not mind
If they see or don't
Then you will know
The true feeling of your freedom

The cake, the other half, all ready and baked


(Second half of my story)

(Now as you remember, we enter space of fantasy.

The bear and the wolves, the cobra and the birds, my company.
The road is rainbow color, the door to the reality shut and close.)

I meet my similar, a copy of myself.
She wear just garment of seeing thru white silk, nothing under.
Totally nude, no way to hide
OMG me too.
We smile to each other we say hello.
Would you join me, she ask.
I nod approval.
I feel her fingers intertangle mine.
We step as couple fairies
Into the chamber of musical quart.

To left are violins
Then is viola
And cello close the ranks.

The violins sing like female, slitley vibrat.
Viola is more earthly, darker and mellow.
The cello is weighty, dark and powerful.
They all in tune of the 14th of my idol (Most known for his #9).

I look at her, our eyes meet.
I see the tears in hers, flow down her cheeks.
Why do you cry my pretty, I ask.
I am in darkness she whisper I need a guide.

I turn to her and hug her tight.
We are not copy we are the opposite.
I embrace her with love and confession
You be my sounds, I will be your sight.

She smiles so beautiful
Her skin glow sparkling stars
I return that gesture
And spread kisses on her teary beautiful eyes.

We walk now together
Where ever we go
On rainbow pavement
Fully strong and confident
Towards the truth.

Half cake straight from the oven


When your day is bad or boring or just dull.
I suggest you open door to your imagination.
It is that simple and inviting.
Nothing can stop you from inventing.

Go ahead.
Press that handle.
Open just and check what you got inside.
If you see a dragon fire.
If you hear a roar of durk cloudy sky.
Close the door and run for cover.
But, if you hear the singing of the nightingale.
If you see the sun in multy colors.

Then fill your pockets with your best.
Walk inside and see what you can find.
Don't forget to close the door behind you.
Preventing unexpected elements to follow you.

Then wonderful things can happen.
The grisley bear will hug you wellcome.
The cobra wrap your neck as necklace his head an ornament.
A school of wolves will come along guarding every step like buddies.
The birds will sing you songs that only you can hear.
And miles long row of different creatures follows you.

You walk the path of yellow gold

First to your right the purple magic
That is where you will confront all your prejudic

Then the blue in many shades
That is where the sky meet water and makes you frange

Then green of lush and growth and clean air
Will guide you to your happiness

Now, your yellow golden path
That lead you to prosperity

To your left, the orange color is the juice for your fertility
Drink it to your pleasure when ever you can

And finally come red, some mistake as aggression
I see it as passion.

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Day Dream


When you touch my sail.
I hear the angels play the harp.
My hands are like the oars
Beating on top the waves.
My legs paddle in the water.
My eyes close and soak that pleasure.
When you kiss me
I surrender

No easy way


Sound of music
Can be very permeable
Sometimes he wanders
Otherwise stands

The songs are dancing
How can you say
These things are true and proven
Ask Beethoven

The silence is amusing
Quiet is blast
You never know
The true meaning of doubts

I look forwards
There is no easy way
My view is drums and trumpets
All and every way

A confession. Words to lovely Tj


We met between this pages.
I don't remember how.

Did I approached her first or was it she.

I treasured that relation.
I liked the connection.

I built towers of imagination.

She sent me music.
I did not respond.
I hid behind the secrets and normality,

Thu who can judge.

Then more music come.
I then refused.
I was cut from her as fast as lightning.

I was so sad and sorry and even cry.

I reached to her.
Wanted to explained.

She let me in her circle once again.

That made me so happy I could dance my way to heaven.
I told her how dear she is to me.
How much I like her.

she offered cuddle in return.

I like to interact.
I love to say hello.

Cherish a reply, that is the ploy.

I say good bye now.
You always have a place in me.
I still think you are wonderful.
But not for me.

From the donkey mouth

I've seen a world,
Full of liars,
And yet to this day I continue to believe …

Missing the days I believed,
feeling all love and happiness,
To the innocence and the truth that I knew,
until they sold me cheaply …

It's just a disintegrating frame,
Length and width,
Love does not budge,
And again I am naughty

I added dimension of depth
Who is standing firm,
And if that is not enough
I added the time …

The world did not make a mistake
When he did not follow a plan
Which I thought
And I tried and did …

It was me who had not seen
How to plan
Which I thought
There was no purpose …

And anyway, you can take it
A step in life,
Without taking into account
There are also other …

Some, by mistake
They think about love
That if me as well:
(Where they are not interested) …

Now instead of grieving
(Though I have already done)
I marvel again
From the beauty I foresee

Just as I was back,
That I did not see
And I have just discovered
A ray of light in the dark

And I returned love
One serving for each one

Experienced from the past
And knows how to pass
What once was impossible …

Sometimes a lifetime
They are just a short story,
There is also a terrible story
Becoming magnificent …


The horizon ahead and the horizon inside
Feeling satisfied
Only after you connect.

Unilateralism is the feature of infertility,
Which brings despair,
Only this the possibility.

When both horizons together,
God spoke joy
Do not fear my friends

W.B.Yeats (My boyfriend)

….That had she done so who can say
What would have shaken from the sieve?
I might have thrown poor words away
And been content to live.

(an insert)

Good morning Angels


Good morning.
We celebrate our special yesterday
Laughing, joy and like (????)
Now it is Saturday
We still hugging tight

Good morning.
The wind horizontally blow at my windows.
She whisper strength and might.
We stay in bed and duck our head in the pillow.
Don't want to see the day light.

Good morning.
To all the mighty forces
That bends and twist us in our sleep
The dreams and the realities
Mixing, crossing and intervene

Good morning
I am back to sleep

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