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Here to play, meet, talk, laugh and interact. I am also scribbling my thoughts and the like in the BLOG section.
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The horizon ahead and the horizon inside
Feeling satisfied
Only after you connect.

Unilateralism is the feature of infertility,
Which brings despair,
Only this the possibility.

When both horizons together,
God spoke joy
Do not fear my friends

W.B.Yeats (My boyfriend)

….That had she done so who can say
What would have shaken from the sieve?
I might have thrown poor words away
And been content to live.

(an insert)

Good morning Angels


Good morning.
We celebrate our special yesterday
Laughing, joy and like (????)
Now it is Saturday
We still hugging tight

Good morning.
The wind horizontally blow at my windows.
She whisper strength and might.
We stay in bed and duck our head in the pillow.
Don't want to see the day light.

Good morning.
To all the mighty forces
That bends and twist us in our sleep
The dreams and the realities
Mixing, crossing and intervene

Good morning
I am back to sleep

Happy Women Day


I came to visit her she was still in bed, curled up under the blanket.
Come on, I said, there's a lot to do. 
She smiled at me and nodded.
I told her: The house and the yard must be arranged, and 
she smiled, her eyes sparkle.
I said: Come on, the world can not wait, there's a lot to do. 
And she smiles under the blanket, her eyes telling happiness.
Again I argued: Please get out of bed and let's change the world, let's make the place better, pleasant, wise and considerate.
And she smiles under the blanket, her eyes close and sigh, I work on it dear.
And again and again I call her, standing by her bed, 
her face calm, her eyes close and a big smile unfolding.
I remove the blanket from her ... and here she is ... naked, 
pulling out her fingers, sighing, now I'm ready.

The start of new Sunday


It is by me

I see it from my window

The sun already high
Temperatures below zero

I stand and watch
The cup of tea worm my palm
The trees all frosted
And glow with charm

The day just started
I feel so good
I did not dress yet
I am in my nude

It is by me
It glow diamond beauty
The day jast started
This is SUNDAY

I was told I am ugly

Someone told me:

Your ugly!
your skin too pale
your head too high
your hands too thin
your boobs too small
your belly flat
your vag is bald
your butt won't pop
your thighs too strong
your toes too cold
I said ..... I know and thank you