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روش بازی Bingo - game rules

Start window

Start window - Bingo

Top of the screen is occupied by the Player panel cointaining information about your experience level and XP points, owned balloons, your account balance, Rakeback statistics (purse icon) payments section button (plus symbol). To the right there are also sound and lector controls.

In the middle part of the screen there is a selector box, where you can choose which mode of game you wish to play – Bingo 75 or Bingo 90. Additionally, for each mode you can change coupon price and see how many tables are available for a given option.

Lower part contains information about your friends and several of the last Bingo winners. At the very bottom you can see a bar listing total player count and the sum of Jackpot.

To start playing you need to choose between two variants of the game: Bingo 75 or Bingo 90, and pick one of three available stakes (100, 1,000 and 5,000). Then, simply press corresponding Play! button.

Player profile

Player profile - Bingo

This feature offers access to wide variety of statistics, such as:

  • player's experience level
  • list of friends
  • collected achievements
  • biggest win